Why You Should Buy Date Paste and Ditch Sugar


As much as we love to have sweet treats for our afternoon snack, all good things must be enjoyed in moderation. But while we acknowledge the fact that we must exercise self-discipline, some of us just love sweets a tad bit too much. Fret not for we have found the perfect substitute for your sweet cravings. 

What is Date Paste?

Date paste is made of date fruits and is an excellent sugar-free alternative to white or refined sugar and other refined sweeteners. It is a healthier substitute to sweetening cakes, muffins, and other types of desserts. Date paste typically has a fruity and sweet flavour with hints of soft caramel and chocolate. It is dark brown in colour with tiny traces of gold due. Aside from its exquisite taste, it also has a strong fruity scent with caramel undertones that can elevate your delicious dishes and afternoon delights. If you’re looking to buy date paste and not sure if it would go well with your creations, worry not because date paste is widely used in the confectionary industry. 

Preservatives are not added in the production of date paste and it’s one of the reasons why it tastes better than refined sweeteners. Since they have lighter sweetness, date paste is pretty ideal for making chocolate mousse, chia desserts, and other savoury dishes. Its complex flavour is composed of a delightful concoction of honey, caramel, and cinnamon. 

Why Should I Use Date Paste?

Dates are known to be a treasure trove of nutrients and wellness, containing calcium, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, and other minerals that lower blood pressure and stroke risk. Additionally, dates are also rich antioxidants which help in combating free radicals that might affect your health. These balls of wellness are also a great source of fiber and potassium. You can opt to purchase date paste that is spread-ready for times when you just want to have it with a piece of toast. It also has a long shelf life and high heat resistance, which means you can enjoy it for a longer period of time. You can store date paste in an air-tight container in a refrigerator, which can last up to several weeks to months. 

The versatility of date paste can also be seen through its many applications. It can be used as a garnish to add flare to your cheese platters. You can bake it into your breads, muffins, biscotti, and fruitcake and get that extra mouth-watering moisture from your baked goods. This is because the water content of the blended dates brings a certain amount of moist to these baked goods. Date paste can also be your healthier substitute for refined sweeteners for desserts, condiments, marinades, jams, spreads, smoothies, and sauces. 

With all this summed up, it would be completely understandable if you have decided to buy date paste at your nearest grocer or online source. Dates are packed with nutrients and vitamins which can help your body’s immunity fight against free radicals and disease-causing viruses. Add to the fact that hardly any people are allergic to this fruit, date paste can cater to everyone’s sweet tooth as the healthier alternative.