Some Extraordinary Ways to Serve Cheese Curds


Cheese curds, aremerely cheddar cheese before it is transformed into a block and aged. It is the first stage in making chedder, they offers a mild flavor and are best when eaten fresh. The squeakiness of the curds is what ensuresit’s freshness, which is why it’s also known as “squeaky curd.”

It is not quite as famous as the cheese itself, but according to studies, cheese curds are just as healthy as matured cheese. They taste similar to other dairy products and are part of cuisines in many countries. People have their own way of eating cheese curds; some like them raw while some combine them with other dishes like salads, poutine, chilly and more.

If you have not yet tried cheese curds, go for it without any second thought. Here are some extraordinary ways to serve cheese curds.

Fruit and Cheese Salad

One of the different ways to eat cheese curds is by mixing it up with fruit salad. When making your fruit cheese salad,apples are the right choice. They pairs extremely well with cheese curds and the crunchy apple with the salty cheese curds is amazing!

You can also add celery, walnuts or grapes, if you like to mix it up.  Finally, squeeze a few drops of lemon on top as a finishing touch.

Fried Cheese Curds

Fried cheese curdsare one of the best side dishes that anyone could ask for. It is common to notice fried cheese curds at carnivals or fairs. However you can make them ay home by preparing a batter using an egg, milk, flour, baking powder and salt. Then you will need to dip the curds in the mixture and deep fry them. Then your delicious fried curds are ready to serve.

If you are not on a diet, you can eat these fried cheese curds as a regular snack or for a healthier option eat the curds raw instead..

Cheese Curd Chilly

Here is another delicious way to eat cheese curds. Cheese curd chili is very simple and easy to cook even for beginners.Chilli is a classic and easy recipe, when adding your cheese curds to your Chilli recipe,don’t forget to fry them beforehand.

Cheese Curd Chillipairs well with Hakka noodles, fried rice, and can be served as an appetizer too. You can also eat this recipes with a nice cocktails or beer. It will surely leave your taste buds wanting more.


One of the most famous cheese curd dishes and Canadian favorites is delicious poutine. Poutine combines so manywonderful flavors and textures all in one bowl.

All you need is to cook some French fries, Add cheese curds on top and then pour some hot gravy on top as well and it’s ready to eat.  You can also try different variations by using sour cream instead of gravy and top or add your favorite veggies. The taste of poutine is similar to mashed potatoes with gravy but taken to a new level by adding cheese curds. The best way to describe how it tastes, is to try it for yourself.