What Makes Some Pizza Corners Better than Others? Explore the 3 Amazing Combo Deals that’ll Save Your Money 


Picking a pizza house has never been an easy task. It’s only gotten harder during the pandemic. Reputable pizza houses pay special attention to hygiene while the chefs are preparing the meals. Proper sanitization is followed for the safety of customers whether it’s a pick-up order or a delivery order. 

Having said that, the fresh ingredients that such pizza places use add to the already delicious taste of the meals they cook. One such pizza corner in Montreal that’s absolutely worth your time and trust is the livraison Double Pizza place. In this guide, we will take you through the money-saving combo meals that they offer and the loyalty program that they run for their customers. Dive in! 

Why Specific Pizza Corners Only? 

Pizza pangs can happen at any time of the day or night. This is why some pizza joints like livraison offer delivery services after 9:30 PM. Which means you can get your favorite pizza even after the night curfew begins. For the pickup orders, they’re open till 9 PM. 

The next reason that they’re a wonderful option is that they run amazing loyalty programs for their online customers. What we mean is that, when you spend 5 dollars on their website, you’re given 1 point. Once you have 30 points, you can use them as real money to buy 1 large all-dressed pizza or any three toppings from the wide range of toppings that they provide. 

3 Combo Deals that You Mustn’t Miss as Pizza Lover 

We all know how expensive pizzas can be. Which is why trusted pizza houses offer combo plans. The 3 combo plans at livraison in Montreal that the pizza lover in you will relish are as follows. 

  1. The 7 Days Pickup Special Deal

It’s an absolutely delightful deal that offers 1 large cheese or pepperoni pizza at 9.99$ and 1 large all-dressed pizza at 12.99$. All you have to do to avail this offer is visit their store and pick up the order. 

  1. The C2 Special Combo Deal

This deal is for online customers who choose the delivery option. The basic deal starts at just 24.99$. You can buy any 2 medium pizzas, a 2L Pepsi bottle, and 1 medium packet of French fries. You can get the deal customized further if you like by adding more items to your cart during checkout. 

  1. The Game Night Special Deal 

This combo is an absolute delight for foodies. It starts at just 24.99 dollars and offers 1 large pizza, 8 chicken wings with any one sauce of your choice, and one small packet of French fries. 

To sum up, these money-saving deals are amazing. Besides, with the cost that the deals are available at, everybody can afford a pizza whenever they want one.