The Fantastic Use of Whipped Cream and How You Can Make Use of It


Recipes typically use cream, whipped until soft and dense peaks.The main difference is that the cream, whipped until soft peaks, is very easy to mix with some other bases, add to the filling, and the cream, whipped to dense peaks, is used for thick creams, for serving and decorating desserts. The cream, whipped until soft peaks, is used in the assembly for mousse desserts. The state of the soft peaks indicates when the corollas leave a noticeable mark, but the cream is still “rolling” over the bowl. At the same time, they have already increased in volume, but they cannot yet be deposited from the bag. The semi-whipped cream must be refrigerated prior to use.

In the state of dense peaks, the cream already holds its shape well, if you turn the bowl over, then they remain in place. The whipped cream leaves a whisk mark, holds its shape and settles out of the pastry bag. As you can Get cream chargers also known as nangs in Australia the options are open now.

As soon as the cream has reached dense peaks, the whipping should be stopped as the cream will begin to clip away: separating into whey and butter. Such cream can be used for cream, decoration.

What Creams Can You Make With Whipped Cream?

The simplest and most popular cream is Chantilly cream in the classic recipe – whipped cream with powdered sugar. To make the cream, the cream is mixed with powdered sugar, not sugar. Sugar dissolves for a long time, and in order to avoid crystals in the cream, it must first be ground into powder.

Cheese cream is the second most popular cream that uses whipped cream. The recipe is also quite simple: cream, curd cheese and powdered sugar are mixed and whipped according to the same rules as cream: first at slow speeds, then at high speed until soft or dense peaks are obtained, depending on the recipe.

How To Stabilize The Cream?

To thicken the cream, ready-made thickeners or gelatin are usually used. For example, 250 ml. cream 1 tsp gelatin and 6 tsp. cold water. Whipped cream with gelatin is very useful for decorating cakes. They do not flow, they keep their shape very well.

How To Color Cream?

You can color the cream with both dry and gel dyes. Dry colors are added before whipping, and gel colors can be added at any stage of whipping. Water-based gel dyes are suitable for staining.

How To Store Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream can be stored for 1 day in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Dairy products absorb fridge odors.The whipped cream can be frozen if necessary.