How to Start a Foreign Cuisine Restaurant in Malaysia?


Even if the Malaysian local cuisine is sumptuous and savory, there is always room for something new. Setting up a foreign cuisine restaurant is a dream for many entrepreneurs, and it all starts with a solid business plan.

Before anything, you have to understand that you can either start a company from scratch, or look for a buy sell business website which allows you to look for businesses for sale.

Scout Your Location

Walk through the popular hubs in the metro or around the location you’ve already prospected. It’s crucial you get a good feel of things. Is the place considerably bustling with people? Are restaurants in the area getting good foot traffic, even during slack hours or on the weekdays?

Accessibility is also crucial to choose your spot. The restaurant should be readily available from the area’s entry points, and especially from parking lots. You’ll have an edge on the competition if your restaurant is the first establishment customers see when they arrive.

Decide on a Concept

You’re probably set with the cuisine you want to serve. It’s important that your restaurant’s concept and theme are consistent with your offerings, though. Many restaurants fail when the design and theme of the place do not reflect the cuisine.

Pizzerias shouldn’t serve soul food, and steak shacks shouldn’t do seafood. Of course, it’s possible to serve contrasting dishes in one place. But you have to make sure the variety is incorporated in the theme. Watch episodes of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and you’ll know a restaurant’s concept is key to its lasting success.

What’s on the Menu?

The menu offerings may be focused or fused, but these should be delicious and cost-effective just the same. Consult on which staples make you the most money – serving sizes shouldn’t scrimp or overwhelm. It’s crucial your customers enjoy their meals, but you want to make a profit and maximize your daily covers. Decisions like these can make or break your business, especially when you’re just starting.

Keep in mind, diners can be fickle when testing out new places to hang out. It’s important you strike a balance between food that’s familiar and unique. If offerings don’t match guest expectations, you risk losing repeat business – even if you succeed in creating a buzz.

Do Business Like Clockwork

Lay the groundwork on your business before the restaurant doors open. You’ll have fewer worries if you visit a buy-sell business website beforehand, to check out establishments you can acquire. You still need to ensure the permits and licenses are valid. Your staff should also be well-trained in operations, especially in food prep and customer service.

The requirements for getting a business license may depend on your business plan. Think of zoning and staffing laws, or even restrictions on the kind of cuisine you’re serving. As with any business, there’s a lot to take care of in setting up a restaurant.

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