Bagging Machine required in the Food Packaging Industry


    The packaging is considered one of the essential procedures of the manufacturing process. Now, this packaging involves several works, which include sealing, filling, wrapping, packaging, cleaning, and forming goods at various levels of automation. In big industries, they might even require a special machine for the sorting, accumulating things and counting work.

    Well, almost every company involved in the food industry requires various types of machines. Now, this ensures that the work is conducted in an automated manner without any mistake. The entire packaging work done by the human labor force attracts several faults. However, if the bagging machine is being put in use, the same work is done with perfection. So, when you need any such machines, one must explore the different options available.

    Different Varieties of Bagging Machines

    ·         Manual Open Mouth Machine

    It is considered to be one of the good options. It can perform both the work of weighing and then bagging it up. Hence, both the work is done efficiently and effectively. This one is used by the manufacturers who need to fill around 10 to 50 kg of sacks. It permits bagging of plastic, paper and polypropylene material. Now, you do not need to think about its maintenance. It is a simple machine, which can be maintained quite easily.

    ·         Automatic Open-Mouth Bagging Machine

    Now, this automatic one is an ideal one for faster bagging systems requirements. It can handle bags of weight from 5 to 50kgs. It is considered to be a great solution for the bag filling procedure in an automated and efficient manner. It can fill the paper, polypropylene as well as polyethylene.

    ·         Valve Bag Filling Machine

    Now in this machine bagging can be done both by manual as well as automated means. It is known for its high output and better efficiency level. The filling rate of this machine is 2200bph. It can handle 5 kg to 50kg bags. It is used for the packaging o the granular food items, fertilizers, salts, beads, etc.

    The bulk bag filler is another option, which is quite commonly opted for. It has got an automatic bag release option. Thus, it permits a higher efficiency level compared to another similar type of machinery. It is suitable for the weights approval item, which is used in the trading purpose.

    So, have the right bagging system machinery for you as per your requirement.