What To Eat While Visiting Albania And Why?


Traditional Albanian food is a reflection of the country’s culture. A wide variety of meat, vegetables, and seafood are the staple food. The cuisine, in itself, is tasty, fresh as well as remarkable. It is a must to visit all the best Albanian restaurants as well as the local food joints to enjoy the country’s food scene. Below are some of the proud dishes of the Albanian cuisine.


Byrek is easily one of the most famous traditional food in Albania. This delicious food item has a crispy and flaky exterior, with a soft interior containing the tasty filling. Every household knows this recipe. Different areas have different take on the dish. The center mostly includes cheese, ground meat, spinach, and onions.


This meatball dish is one of the most popular meat dishes in the country. It serves as a main course or an appetizer. Minced lamb, beef, or chicken is used to prepare meatballs along with cheese, garlic, and onions. Every food outlet, especially best Albanian restaurants, have their variety of the dish.


Baklava is the star sweet dish of Albania. This dessert comprises of layers of dough, filled with sweet stuffing. Traditionally, the filling includes peanuts and walnuts accompanied by honey or syrup. The pistachio variety is also quite popular.

Tave Kosi

You cannot miss this dish while speaking of traditional Albanian food. The key ingredients are quail eggs, yogurt, meat, and rice, along with garlic, oregano, and basil. It is also the national dish of Albania.


It is one of the most liked dishes in Albania. This vegetarian dish has tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cottage cheese. The creamy and cheesy dish has a heavenly taste. Bread compliments the dish. It is presented as the main course. Non-veg variety of fergese uses lamb, beef, and chicken as filler.


Albania’s coastal line has a huge impact on the cuisine. Seafood is the cheapest tasty Albanian food. Grilled or baked fish, along with tomatoes and peppers, are loved. Many other varieties of fish dishes are also enjoyed. Prawns, squids, and calamari are also highly enjoyed. The best Albanian restaurants catering to seafood are found in the coastal regions.


It is one of the traditional staple dishes. The dish consists of a stuffing packed within leaves of leafy vegetables such as cabbage. The stuffing consists of meat, herbs, and vegetables. The food is healthy, as well as savory.