What are the major product lines in the food industry?


Since ancient times, pickles, cookies, and many types of chips have been made in our homes, which we have kept using throughout the years, but with the changing times, we are not limited to just pickles or cookies. In the purpose of these needs and to fulfil them, the food industries were born from where food items like biscuits, candy, snacks came on the market.

The Need For Food At Commercial Scale

In view of today’s hectic life, the food production line studied the needs of the people and paid more attention to those foods which reach the table of the people in less effort and time.

The list of product lines in the food industry is huge. Every place has its own different taste, and the food industry understands people’s needs and prepares the product lines according to their taste.

Covering the critical array of products of the food industry

The major product lines of the food industry are milk, meat, vegetables, poultry, fisheries, food grains, plantation crops, etc. The major product line manufactures many types of food items like:

  1. Milk products: Cheese, Butter, Icecream, Curd, Buttermilk, Cream, Whey, Custard, Milkshake, Milk powder, Sour cream, Condensed milk, Cottage cheese etc.
  2. Vegetable Blend products: Petties, French fries, chips, Potato Twister, Snacks, vegetable juice powder, vegetable soup, etc.
  3. Food grains blend products: bread, multi-grain chips, snacks, dog food, roasted multigrain, noodles, vegan meat, etc.
  4. Animal meat: Mock meat, Sausage, Kabab, Butter Chicken, Meat dry pet food for dogs and cats, Meat gravy, Meat soup etc.
  5. Sea Food associated products: Steamed fish, Zhuhai yellow bonefish, fried fish, dried shrimp, boiled fish, etc.
  6. Poultry Products: Egg noodles, egg white protein powder, cakes, boiled eggs, stuffed eggs, frozen omelettes, etc.

Need to preserve food natural means

The biggest contribution of the food industry is improving the consistency of food products, where the toxins from the food products are removed and preserved, which is useful when there is an ongoing food shortage. The food industry reduces food wastage and the food remains safe without spoiling for stipulated time.

The key to the success of the food supply chain, begins from the very first steps in selection of approved food standard quality grains. Raw materials are brought into the food industry and only those of good quality are selected, then they are cleaned. The raw materials are cut and various spices are mixed in it, then they are baked or fried. After these processes, foods are packed and sent to the market and supplied through the distributors to the shop or mall for the customers.


Food processing is a long process involving the labour of many workers and the use of different types of machinery, where machinery exists to clean raw materials, cutting, mixing spices and baking or frying the food. After baking, the food product is packaged and stored safely.

The food production line is increasing day by day due to customer’s demand.