Using the Best Ingredients to Make the Best Drinks – In a Can – The CuratifDifference


Alcohol in a can – we know what is coming to mind. Cheap spirits with cheaper mixers, combined at an industrial scale to produce what might be best described as slops, with that nasty metallic tang that comes from drinking out of aluminum. That’s what most people think of when they see a pre-mixed drink.

At Curatif, we do it quite a bit differently. Our high-end negroni and espresso martinis are made from the finest ingredients and are designed to be enjoyed as a sophisticated and classy beverage. But before we get into how, let’s talk a bit about the why.

Most people enjoy a cocktail, and cocktails are a fabulous way to enjoy celebrating with friends and family. However, it’s just not always practical to cart around a cocktail mixer and all the ingredients you need to make your preferred tipple, for example, if you’re celebrating with a picnic. Or maybe you’re catering for a large crowd and just can’t coordinate making that many cocktails in an evening.

If that’s the case, then Curatif’s cocktails could certainly be the solution for you.

Our difference starts from our philosophy. At Curatif we’re not in the business of mass-producing pre-mixed drinks for a market that’s not very discerning. We consider cocktail making a craft. We are focused on sourcing the very best quality ingredients to provide a discerning market with a unique cocktail product that you could expect to find in the very best cocktail bars anywhere in the world. Our customers know what a good cocktail is, and they want to enjoy the experience without sacrificing quality.

Take our espresso martini. It took us years to perfect the brewing technology, using industry renowned Seven Seeds Coffee Roaster’s product, to ensure that our martini didn’t taste like some insipid Café Americaine with a bit of vodka added. And speaking of vodka, we partner with Australia’s award-winning Archie Rose Original Vodka and bring it together with a unique canning process to ensure you get that perfect espresso martini experience every time.

Or our negroni, made with Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin – the only gin in the world made specifically for a Negroni, and twice named world’s best contemporary gin at the Global Gin Masters. We team that with the original Campari and Mancino Vermouth from Pignola in Italy.

At Curatif we pride ourselves on living our values of quality and integrity, convenience, and sustainability and sharing those values with our customers. We strive to ensure our products are always of the highest quality and made with integrity, using only the finest spirits and liqueurs from the world’s best brands to bring you, our customers, the finest cocktail experience in whatever situation suits you.