The Best Variety of Mexican Food Items And Their Popularity


While the United States has lost count of the number of taquerias that exist, in Europe the Mexican cuisine is also very popular. There is no doubt that Mexican cuisine has seduced across the Atlantic for centuries, this is explained in particular by the geographical proximity and the common history of the two countries, in France also Mexican restaurants, food trucks specializing in Latin cuisine.

Spices and flavors

Of course, this is not a cliché. Like many countries in the world and like its own neighbors, what makes the character of the food in Mexico is largely its spicy side. Cumin, chili (there are nearly a hundred varieties of peppers in Mexican cuisine), cayenne pepper or annatto, the list of spices that will enhance the flavor of your dish is very long.

More than stinging your mouth, it is also the contrast of flavors, onions, guacamole or coriander that makes the food more different, daring and interesting.

There is a reason why Mexicans often eat spicy food. Firstly, peppers contain vitamins A and C but they also allow you to sweat and therefore eliminate toxins. Even more surprisingly, they would serve to limit the effects of hangovers and even to repel mosquitoes. You can find many variations among the Mexican Food Favorites.

Some typical dishes

The popularity and reputation of Mexican food owes above all to its typical dishes, known throughout the world. The taco for example, surely one of the most famous, is actually a tortilla that has been stuffed and fried, which gives them that crunchy texture.

The burrito, this culinary preparation that dates from the end of the 19th century consists of a tortilla of wheat flour and is garnished with various ingredients: meat, beans, tomatoes, onion, spices, etc. If you choose to order at Wey-Mexican Street food located in the heart of Grenoble, let yourself be tempted by the Grand Burrito, one of their most popular specialties.

Besides that, there are also the famous quesadillas. Made from tortillas and cheese, they are also often garnished with other foods: meat mushrooms, etc. You may be tempted by those offered. Along with a long list of varied dishes, the restaurant prepares quesadillas of all sizes, at all prices, spicy or not.

Exoticism and authenticity

The appetite of the people for Mexican cuisine has only increased in recent years. Now, the offers are more and more varied and are made from fresh and natural products. These are the real tastes of Mexico that have arrived on our plates. Many restaurants have now opened in France, with a positioning more in tune with the times and which emphasizes the quality and authenticity of the dishes and the arrival of gastronomic recipes.