Tastes of Royal Indian Cuisine Available in UAE

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Food is something which has been connecting nations, and still, it is in full swing in playing its dominant role. Well, this is undoubtedly true that Asians have a very unique taste in food which categorically makes them stand out. Technically, there are many Asian countries which are popular for one item made in their country which is known worldwide. Dominantly, it is accepted that Indians are spice eaters; this is because a lot of red chillies and green chillies are added to food to level up the spiciness. Therefore, still, people are crazy about Indian food. Today, it could be witnessed through several food vlogs that Indian cuisine holds royalty in food transmitted through their culture. According to experts a rich amount of cardamoms, lime, tamarinds, and cheese is added to Indian food to make it mouth-watering and flavorful.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly find a number of Indian cuisines in UAE because of the denser Indian population found in UAE. Rajasthani food has a lot to do with royalty in Indian cuisine. If you are a true lover of traditional Indian herbs and spices, then this blog can satisfy your cravings.

1- Biryani

There is nobody left in this universe that cannot go by falling in love with the aroma, taste and sight of “Biryani”. To elaborate on Biryani one might require a number of centuries, even one might run out of ink but the emotions and memories locked in mind about Biryani will not go off. In simple terms, it is a platter of light mustard-looking rice cooked with beef or chicken and potatoes with unique herbs of Biryani making it taste exceptional. This Biryani is made up of divine Indian ingredients which can be savoured through Noon food code.

2- Karhai

Well, it is safe to say that Karhai is something like a red and brownish curry which is a bit sweeter in taste because of the tomatoes in a puree. It can be spicy in taste as well if the chef wishes it to make it spicier on demand. This is a curry which is served with furnace-cooked bread, known as chapattis. This tempting-looking Karhai can be eaten with plain white rice and chapattis.

3- Chicken Tandoori

It is pretty to know that the versatility of chicken can be shaped into any form and flavour. In simple terms, it is a not so grilled version of Asian preferred broast which is consumed with bones and boneless. One of the main ingredients utilized in the preparation of chicken Tandoori are; cayenne pepper, lime, and paprika. The tenderness of this juicy chicken Tandoori is all you need to chomp on to make your Saturday night more flavorful through royal flavours.

4- Curry of Vegetable

This curry can make your day if you are a true veggie lover! This is all a vegan would ask for in a bowl served for a meal. Well, this bowl of vegetable curry has all to offer with sightseeing traditionally cooked curry with a pinch of royal spices to make it more tasteful. Therefore, a slab of Indian cheese can do well if you wish to have a bit of richness along with vibrant looking veggies.