How to place pizza order over the phone?


Ordering food over the phone is easiest way to get hot, delicious dishes delivered straight to your door step. You can also choose to pick it from the restaurant, if it’s on the way to your home or near to your office location. Whether you’re ordering for a party, or a group or self, learn how to effectively order a pizza over the phone. Find the number of the outlet you wish to place order pizza from. State your order clearly and get ready to be picked up.

Decide where to order from

Make a list of pizza restaurants or cafes that take orders over the phone for takeout, pickup or delivery. Check their site for the available pizza options or you can also call them to briefly ask about their menu choices. You can check with them whether they deliver pizza to your place; ensure that you reside within a locality that the restaurant can deliver to. If you’re outside the area limits, do tell them in advance, so that both parties can save time, as many outlets have specific maximum mileage for deliveries and beyond that, they don’t deliver foods. Check the options of payment as well; if you prefer cash on delivery, but restaurant don’t accept such mode, and then be sure to have other payment options ready or look for the place that accepts cash.

Choose the toppings

Look through the online portal or discuss over phone about the menu options to select the type of pizza you need. Consider the size of pizza (small, medium, or large), toppings, type of crust and other choices available. Do take note if they have certain toppings or pizza options available only in-store and not for takeout or delivery.

Choose any starters or drinks, if needed

Don’t forget to about appetizers, drinks, or desserts that you may want along with your order. Consider the specifications and what type of salad you prefer. Check their website for any promo codes or discount offers on ordering pizza and other dishes.

In case you’ve larger orders that you would like to place for small birthday parties or get-together, then it’s better to write down the orders beforehand, so that you’re clear with what you need.  Ensure to ask right questions to get the right order.

Decide on delivery or pickup

Determine whether you would like to pick your pizza from the outlet or get it delivered straight to your home, depending on your convenience. Give your physical address and phone number correctly, so that they can contact you when needed.

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