Food 101: Quick tips for ordering at a steakhouse


If you have never been to a steakhouse, ordering your meals can be a bit overwhelming. Every steakhouse has its own specialties, and while appetizers and salads are always safe options, you have to order at least one steak. In Montreal, restaurants like Rib N Reef have a wide range of steaks to choose from. In this post, we are sharing a few tips that may come in handy when you order at a steakhouse.

Find more on the steaks

If you love the beef flavor and want to try tender meat, T-bone steak is your best option. T-bone steak can be a bit expensive, considering that it includes a tenderloin and a strip steak. The tenderloin is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep a check on the fat marbling. In case you want to share a juicy steak with others, go for porterhouse. Compared to the T-bone, porterhouse is bigger and includes both tenderloin and strip steak. For that ultimate fatty experience with beef, go for the ribeye steak. As the ribeye steak gets cooked, fat starts to melt and the crust on the top of the steak is flavorsome.

Know your meats

Some people just like semi-cooked steaks, so mention the same when you order. Blue rare is the least cooked of all, while rare is like seared on the top but soft inside. Another choice is medium rare, which is more cooked than just rare. If you don’t like any color, go for medium well. A fully-cooked steak is completely cooked.

Things to know

Steaks are juicy and flavorful naturally, so make sure that the steakhouse doesn’t add a lot of seasonings. Some steaks, such as filet mignon, may not be as juicy, and ordering something on the side might be a good idea. Some steakhouses do have their own special sauces, so ask for that. In case you don’t know much about certain items on the menu, ask the server. There is nothing wrong in asking questions. In fact, some steakhouse serves are more than helpful and can guide you through the menu.

Finally, note that the best steaks don’t have to the most expensive ones on the menu. It is more of a choice, because some people like more fat, others just prefer tender meat that’s juicy and not overtly cooked. Check online now to find the best-rated steakhouses in your city!