Delicious Meal Ideas Your Muslim Friends Will Love


Do you plan to invite some of your Muslim friends for lunch or dinner? Maybe you are wondering what you can prepare for them. Unlike non-Muslims, Muslims have certain restrictions when it comes to the food they eat.

Before you take a trip to the nearest Muslim market Los Angeles   , make sure you know all these restrictions so you can prepare a lavish meal for your Muslim friends. Here are some dishes they will surely love.

Bheja Fry

Bheja fry is a prominent Muslim meal that pairs well with roti, which is a special type of unleavened bread. Always use fresh ingredients for this meal to taste best. Bheja refers to goat brain cooked with onions, green chilies, tomatoes, and turmeric, and decorated with fresh coriander.

It is one of the most consumed traditionalMuslim foods, which goes well with roti, rice, or Indian bread. Make sure the tomatoes are also ripe enough to form a thick paste.

Butter Chicken                                               

Butter chicken is another highlysought-after Muslim meal that will make the best dinner for your Muslim friends. Butter is mixed with chicken and gravy tomato paste to create a sumptuous meal. Marinate the chicken overnight with spices and curd, blended with garlic, ginger paste, and lime juice.

You can choose to grill or pan-fry this mixture. Prepare the sauce for this chicken using butter mixed with cumin, clean cream, garam masala, and tomato puree. This mixture pairs well with parathas, naan, and roti bread.

Chicken Biryani

If rice is the perfect local food in your area, chicken biryani is no doubt the best meal you can prepare for your Muslim friends. You will need grain rice and some spices to prepare this traditional biryani rice. You can make it more sumptuous byaddingspices or ghee according to your taste.

The Muslim Chicken Biryani is known for being better tasting with a fantastic aroma and is non-greasy. Start by marinating the chicken with salt, turmeric powder, chili, and lemon juice. Heat the pan and then add onions, cinnamon, cloves, tomato, green chili, ginger paste, and other flavoring spices.

Just cook it until it turns golden brown before you add the chicken pieces and top it with coriander leaves. Add basmati rice and some water and cook for seven minutes before serving.

Garlic Mustard Fish Fillet

Garlic Mustard fish Fillet is another traditional Muslim food typically consumed in India. You can achieve the best flavor by baking this meal rather than deep-frying. You can visit a Muslim supermarket in Los Angeles to buy the groceries needed forpreparing this mouth-watering delicacy.

These groceries include carrots, cubed potatoes, fish, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, pepper, and salt. You can prepare this meal by mixing all the ingredients, including garlic, olive oil, pepper, potatoes, and others. You can soak the fish in it or just leave it for a night. Bake this mixture for 20 minutes, serve it with white rice and add some lemon wedges to add flavor.