Bring Your Wedding In To the 21st Century with New Food Ideas



Your big day is one of the most important days of your life and has to be one where everything runs smoothly in order to avoid troublesome relatives and memories which only bring mortification.

There’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding such as the dress, who to include in the bridal party, decorations etc. It all mounts up but each element is as important as the other.

But one of the factors which really make a statement about any wedding is the food.

It’s an unwritten rule that no tummies should be empty at a wedding so making an impression in this area can make a big difference in to how your guests enjoy your wedding gathering.

Whether you opt for a full sit down meal or a lengthy buffet, there’s plenty of food options out there. But if you’re looking to break the mould, start with a search for catering matrimonio online and check out some of these ideas to help bring your wedding in to the 21st century.

Keep Your Guests Refreshed No Matter The Season

Many weddings can take up most of the day which means a lot of guests may start to fill tired or thirsty as the day progresses. This gap is often forgotten with everything going on during the big day so how about arranging a beverage station.

During the summer months a station with a selection of infused teas, lemonade and juices will be well received as refreshment from the warm weather. In the colder months, alternative choices could include a hot chocolate station to keep attending guests warm from the chill.

Added to the bar at the wedding reception, your guests will not be hungry or thirsty during the wedding day.

Bring In The Trucks

A trend which has rapidly been growing in demand, food trucks at weddings are more common than ever and they are always well received.

Although they may add an extra expense on to the budget, they are a great alternative if there’s a particular food you and your spouse enjoy. Guests also love a change from the usual sit down meal or buffet options and this is an ideal way to deliver on that.

Incorporate the truck in to the wedding photos as well to get some unique images to look back on.

Heat Up The Grill

Another welcome change to the standard food options at a wedding, who do you know that doesn’t enjoy a BBQ?

Easy to set up and with minimal need for decorations, BBQs offer a simple solution on bringing people together in an environment which is warm, friendly and full of laughter.

Put on a simple menu of traditional favourites like sausages, corn on the cob and kebab skewers and pair it up with a selection salads to keep all guests happy. Don’t forget dietary requirements and this is a surefire way to create a winning wedding.