Alkaline Water and its Various Uses


Increasingly praised on social networks and the media for its health benefits, alkaline water is water with a pH greater than 7. It contains minerals essential to the body, which makes it ideal for daily or occasional consumption. Regular tap water is slightly acidic, and additionally which is more acidic, alkaline mineral water provides many benefits to the body.

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The Characteristics of Alkaline Mineral Water

The pH of a solution determines its acidity. If it is equal to 7, we say that it is neutral. For water, this pH is between 6.5 and 8.5, but tap water has a pH of 4 or 5, which means it is more acidic. Reading up on the benefits of alkaline water or the potential long-term harm caused by acidic tap water is always a worthwhile investment before purchasing an alkaline water machine.

In contrast, alkaline water is characterized by a pH greater than 7, which makes it naturally or chemically basic. In fact, highly mineralized waters have a pH greater than 7.

Water can be made more alkaline by a chemical process. For this, electrolysis is used, which is a process of separation of basic and acid molecules by ions, removing any acidic components and trace minerals in the process. Highly acidic water caused over time by corrosion in old pipes and rust has a high oxidation potential which results in the metallic taste of tap water too, so alkaline water does taste better when purified.

Making the Best Processing

The filtration system of the alkaline water machine processing of the water suits all kinds of people, be it the elderly or children. Singapore based companies selling water filtration devices usually offer only the purest water from their machines, promising a quality you can trust.

Why Drink Alkaline Water?

According to many studies, drinking natural alkaline mineral water has many beneficial health effects:

Improves Metabolism

First, consuming alkaline water helps lower blood levels of cholesterol, glucose and triglyceride, while improving metabolic functioning. In addition, it provides good protection against oxidative damage to pancreatic cells.

Treats Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Due to its high pH, ​​alkaline water can neutralize acids in the stomach. Because of this, it can relieve disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, such as:

  • Diarrhea,
  • Hyperacidity,
  • Gastric disorders.

Relieves the Effects of Kidney Failure

In the terminal stage, the patient may suffer from unwanted side effects caused by hemodialysis. By consuming alkaline water, these effects can be drastically reduced as does low sodium water consumption. In addition, this water helps prevent the accumulation of melanin in the bladder, while protecting your urinary tract against stones.

Benefits for the Skin

Whether you drink alkalized bottled water or bathe with it, it can treat skin problems, such as damage from UV radiation.

Producing the Best Water

When it comes to promoting immunity growth in the body, then the nutrients and minerals help make sure that the alkaline water keeps your family and loved ones safe.